Let’s be honest here, no one’s life is perfect. Despite the fact that this blog focuses on the delightful parts of life – it’s not a secret that everything in life in not delightful. We all have days or aspects of our lives that are not perfect.

This past week has been hectic and stressful; we could say I was having an “off” week. This got me thinking about how “off days actually improve our lives. Tough days help us to appreciate the good days. Have you ever sat in bed on a day off while watching Netflix all cozy, relaxed and cuddled in a blanket and thought “could life get any better”? Me too – but it would be hard to appreciate those days if we didn’t have “off” days to compare with.

To conclude my darlings, the next time you are having an “off” day, remember that life isn’t perfect and that is what makes it delightful.





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