I recently stumbled across an article entitled “50 THINGS I’D RATHER BE THAN PRETTY“. This article got me thinking. I agreed with everything the author had to say. The list she provides are all things that girls should aspire to be before they aspire to be “pretty” including sincere, respected, kind, silly and hard-working. These are all amazing traits that all girls should aspire to. But what is wrong with feeling pretty? Nothing at all – the problem is with the current definition of pretty.

Pretty as defined by the dictionary is pleasing or attractive to the eye. Urban dictionary defines pretty as a girl who has a physical appearance that attracts guys. These are not the definitions of pretty that girls should be looking for – these definitions insinuate that the decision on whether you are pretty is dependent on the views of others. You are only pretty if others find you attractive or if guys enjoy your physical appearance – this is definitely not okay.

At the end of this article, the author says “Take pride in your appearance. Walk tall when you have a good hair day or you find a dress that makes you feel like you can rule the world, embrace your good hair days and hold your head high”- I love that! The issue is not with feeling pretty or aspiring to be pretty it is the definition of pretty that society has. Each and every one of the traits that the author wants girls to aspire to be are what can contribute to them feeling pretty. Pretty doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t, be about physical appearance. It should be about the type of person someone is. Think about a girl you know who has an amazing personality – she is funny, kind and always smiling. Isn’t she pretty?

Everyone should feel pretty and be allowed to feel this way based on their decision of what makes them pretty.  No one should look at a picture and think to themselves “I wish I looked like that – I wish I were pretty”. Everyone should be able to look in the mirror and feel pretty. They should be able to throw on their favourite dress or blouse paired with a rocking lipstick – or no lipstick at all if that is their choice – and feel pretty.

So remember darlings, we are all pretty. We are strong, funny, independent, hardworking women who deserve to feel pretty!




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