Social media is constantly flooded with images and blog posts about not caring. No one wants to care about others anymore – and if they do care – they want to be sure no one knows about it. If someone shows that they care in 2016 they are considered “crazy” or “clingy”. 

This is not the attitude that I choose to live by. I choose to live life with my heart on my sleeve – and I am going to tell you why.

The not caring, not showing emotions and true feelings attitude prevents people from actually getting to know each other and forming real relationships. Living with my heart on my sleeve has led to some bad memories and a few broken hearts but I have no regrets. Every positive and negative has been a learning experience and contributed not to only to who I am but to what I look for in current relationships – not only romantic relationships but friendships too!

The truth is, not every relationship is going to have a happy ending but that shouldn’t stop you from giving it your all while it lasts. So, live life while you can, let those you care about know that you care and take advantage of every moment.




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