Dear Santa,

It has been too long my friend. How have you been? Mrs. Claus? Rudolph and the gang? I hope everyone is doing well.

All in all, I would say I have made it to the nice list this year so here is my wishlist:

  1. Free rent for life
  2. Money in general
  3. Yup… you can still give me more money – I honestly need it
  4. While you’re at it – please pay all my bills and student loan debt
  5. Personal chef
  6. Personal trainer
  7. A jacuzzi in my apartment
  8. Trip down south every winter
  9. Unlimited shopping spree
  10. Mandatory nap time at work
  11. Tiffany Blue KitchenAid mixer – it would look amazing in my kitchen!
  12. Unlimited gift card for Sephora and MAC – that sh!t is expensive
  13. Lifetime supply of wine, beer, rum – basically all of the drinks
  14. Three day weekends – every week
  15. Lifetime supply of Bath and Body Works candles
  16. Snow – but only for Christmas, please
  17. To eat whatever I want and not gain weight
  18. Someone to follow me and take cute pictures for Instagram
  19. A car and free gas for life – an SUV would be lovely
  20. Trip to Vegas with my girls ASAP
  21. Did I say money?
  22. An extra hour or two in the day would be nice
  23. For my cell phone battery to NEVER die
  24. To not be allergic to dogs so I can have all of the puppies
  25. Course on how to properly “adult”

Thank you in advance Santa, have a very Merry Christmas! 

All my love,



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