While on the job search the past couple weeks, most of my time has been spent inside my apartment. My days have been spent in front of my computer – wearing my trusty yoga pants and my favourite crew neck sweater -working on cover letter after cover letter.

Today I decided enough was enough and I needed a break. I got dressed, curled my hair, put on some makeup, and took myself on a date. An appointment took me downtown so I figured why not take advantage?! I went to Wasabi house for the sushi I have been craving and then for dessert at Sweet Hereafter – the cheesecake shop I have been dying to try.

Now the key point of this blog post is that I did this alone. For some reason, as a society, we rarely do things alone. While out I was approached multiple times to confirm that I was actually eating alone and not waiting for someone. I enjoy going out for a bite with the girls – or even on a date – just as much as the next girl, but what is wrong with being my own date?

Once you get over the initial anxieties of “is everyone looking at me?” or “do they think I’m pathetic for being alone?” and all that nonsense it is actually quite relaxing to eat out alone. You are working with your own schedule and can sit, relax and reflect. Not to mention the fact that I made myself quite a cheap date – a full day of fun for under $20!

Next time you have a craving or you simply feel like getting out of the house, think about taking yourself on a much-deserved date and treat yo self!


One thought on “TREAT YO SELF

  1. Love that. I also take myself out on dates and yes sometimes people seem to treat you odd. I recently tried to buy jd lang tickets and the site wouldn’t let me pick just one seat. At least I couldn’t find that choice. I…I’m going alone why are yiu naking thus so difficult!!Lol. .


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