The inspiration for this post came from a place where all great ideas are formed – a conversation in the girl’s washroom.

My friend was applying makeup and wanted to be sure I knew that she knew the brush she was using to apply her blush was not actually a blush brush. The reason she wanted me to know this, is because she has the assumption that I know a lot more about makeup than I actually do. This is common with social media and blogging. I laughed and informed her that my brushes are currently in a disarray – some being held together by duct tape – and that I apply the fake it ’til you make it strategy to make up. 

Social media allows us to showcase ourselves on our best days when our makeup is flawless. This creates an illusion that we are always 100% on point – not to mention the magic of filters and editing apps! There is no shame in admitting that we take advantage of editing apps to whiten our teeth or apply a filter to give the illusion that our skin is flawless and tan. What is important is recognizing the difference and understanding that we are only enhancing our beauty, not creating it. 

After taking a real interest in makeup over the past couple years, I can honestly say that my knowledge and skills have significantly improved but I am still in no way an expert. I watch YouTube videos, try out the products and techniques showcased and hope for the best. Most days this fake it ’til you make it technique works and I manage to leave the house with foundation that matches my skin, cheeks that are bronzed and blushed and lashes that often get mistaken for fakes – thank you mascara – but there have definitely been days where I have caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and wondered if I applied my make up with my eyes closed

If you are also faking it ’til you make it just like me, let’s help each other out by sharing our opinions and experiences with makeup products and techniques – but most importantly by admitting that most of us are winging it!



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