Writing has always been a huge part of my life. As a child I wrote short stories, I wrote in my diary and I wrote notes to my friends when I was supposed to be listening to the teacher.

University forced me to take a different approach to my writing. As a public relations student, my courses were heavily focused on writing. I wrote anything from press releases to strategic communications plans to research proposals. Regardless of what writing task I was assigned, it always had a specific format and structure to follow.

As an organized person I didn’t have a problem with this. I enjoyed following templates and formats and then using my creativity to make it visually appealing. That is the thing though, I am not only organized, I am also creative. My creative side was focused strictly on the visual during that time and my writing suffered for it. In my final year of university, I took a Creative Writing class and it brought out that side of me again and I was so thankful. Writing returned to what it had always been for me – expressive. 

Over the past few years writing for this blog I have learned how therapeutic writing can be. As much as I love when you darlings read my blog and am honored when you are able to relate to one of my posts – I write this blog for me. I write to reflect my life and the opportunities and challenges I face. As you may or may not have noticed – I only write about the positives. This isn’t because nothing negative ever happens – it’s because I don’t want the negatives to be the focus of my writing and especially not my life. Finding the positive in any given situation or topic has helped me through many tough times throughout my life.

Even if you are just writing for yourself and don’t want to show anyone  – do it! I promise you won’t regret it.



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