Apologies for how late this post is, March and April continued to be job searching months for this gal – but don’t worry by the end of April I landed an amazing new position – which led to May becoming an extremely busy month adjusting to my new job and schedule. Over these three months, I tried out a number of new beauty products so I figured why not kill two birds with one stone and do a Monthly Favourites: Beauty Edition. 


NYX Matte Bronzer – Deep



I am in love with NYX and this bronzer did not disappoint. Going into the summer I was looking for a darker bronzer and this one is perfect and blends perfectly.

NYX Illuminator – Enigmatic


If you are looking for a price friendly but still amazing highlight – this is the one for you!

Covergirl: The Super Sizer Mascara


This has become my all time favourite mascara. The brush alone is enough to swoon over. The brush is small and catches every single lash! Not to mention it is super inexpensive – BONUS.

Covergirl: So Lashy! Blast Pro Mascara


Another mascara – because you can never have too many. This mascara paired with The Super Sizer is an amazing combo that makes my lashes look fantastic.

Urban Decay Primer


This is literally the most amazing product I have ever used. This primer changes colors to match your skin – it’s like magic! It can certainly be used as a regular primer under foundation, but what I am loving most about it is now that I have a bit of a tan – this primer with concealer and power eliminates the need for foundation day-to-day.

Urban Decay Setting Spray


Now, this isn’t a new product for me however they do have new packaging that makes me very happy. The old packaging was white and always got filthy in my makeup bag. Now it is dark and stays much cleaner looking.




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