Anyone how knows me knows how bad my seasonal allergies are. In the summer it is not uncommon for me to me sneezing, blowing my nose and have very red and itchy eyes. This is because I have seasonal allergies that make me allergic to almost everything outside this time of year. The worst part of these allergies is the reaction I get to flowers.

I absolutely love flowers, I mean who doesn’t? They are so beautiful and bright and make any room look fresh and clean. Plus who doesn’t love getting flowers from their significant other?! I get chocolate now instead (yum) but miss out on the excitement of receiving flowers, giving them a big sniff and then setting them up for my guests to enjoy.

So, in order to have beautiful flowers in my life, I am incorporating floral print wherever I can. I purchase floral print tops, dresses, blankets – whatever I can find that is a floral print!

As I am writing this post I know it may seem like a silly topic but I know I am not the only girl out there who love flowers but has an unfortunate allergy to them!

How do you lovelies incorporate flowers into your life?




    1. Oh yes chocolates make up for it big time! I always thought those Edible Creations – like bouquets of fruit or chocolate would be such a cute idea!

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