We are all familiar with the phrase  “everything happens for a reason” and we all have a different opinion of what it means. Some people believe in this statement fully and live their life by it, while others think that it is an excuse people use. Some people believe that everything doesn’t happen for a reason but rather things happen because of the choices people make.

I believe these are both valid conclusions. Everything truly does happen for a reason, whether that reason is clear at the time or not. And yes, sometimes that reason is based on the decisions and choices that we make.

If something goes wrong in our lives it isn’t okay to just say that everything happens for a reason and leave it at that. What we need to do is realize that everything does happen for a reason and work on discovering what that reason is. We need to work with life throws at us to make our own fate and make our own magic!

Let me know in the comments below what you think and how you choose to face the obstacles life throws your way.


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