Among the debate for hated and loved holiday traditions is Secret Santa.

The main reason for hatred towards the tradition is the unknown. Many feel that is it difficult – and often stressful – to purchase a gift for someone you wouldn’t normally purchase for. There is also the unfortunate situation where you receive a gift that isn’t as suited to your interests as someone had hoped. Then there is the obvious frustration with the spending limit – sticking to the limit, going slightly over or staying just under the limit.

Now, this is all well and good and I can understand and sympathize with these frustrations, however, each of these complaints goes against the whole essence of what Secret Santa which is fun. Secret Santa is meant to be a fun bonding activity for the holiday season.

In addition to the fun and bonding that Secret Santa allows, it is also an exciting way to save money over the holidays. If you have a large family or group of friends, Secret Santa allows you to purchase just one gift while adding a fun spin to it. Secret Santa exchanges give the perfect excuse for a holiday party!

One of my favourite aspects of Secret Santa is attempting to guess who purchased my gift. It is fun to see who knows you better than you thought they did! The opposite works as well, taking the time to really think about how much you actually know about another person and pick out a gift most suited to them.

Let me know how you feel about Secret Santa, I’d love to see who shares my love for the tradition and who falls on the other side of the debate.



2 thoughts on “BLOGMAS DAY 3: SECRET SANTA

  1. when i worked at Legal Aid in Truro, a very lovely woman, Sherry, initiated the Secret Santa event at our office. I thought it was loads of fun and very much enjoyed the buying and receiving and the anticipation of figuring out who got you a gift. Then seeing the receiver of your gift enjoy what you picked out for them. It was lots of fun.

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