Let’s talk about the reindeer in the room – holiday stress. Regardless of how much we love the holidays, it is inevitably an extremely stressful time. There is a lot of pressure to attend events, bring along gifts and/or treats, purchase gifts for friends and family that often go over our monthly budget, not to mention that all of this adds so much to our plate in terms of time.

I can sit here and tell you to focus on the good parts of the holidays and not let the stress get to you, but we all know that advice does absolutely nothing. We all know there are parts of the holidays we love. We all know that stressing about it isn’t going to change. These facts do not change the fact that the holidays are stressful, so here is some advice that I am hoping will actually help.


We all have our own stress and blah over the holidays, it only makes matters worse when we lose our patience and get frustrated with each other. Remain patient with others and hope they offer you the same courtesy.


This is my advice for stress any time of the year, but especially over the holidays. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a break and grab a coffee with a friend and have a healthy vent session. Get all the stress out of your head, bond over the shared stress and responsibilities of the holidays, and then laugh it off. Holding all that stress inside does absolutely no good.


Now, I am the world’s biggest hypocrite here but I still believe it is good advice (even if I don’t take it). One of the main stresses of the holidays is money related. Stick to a budget and find different ways to save money on gifts (post to come).

Share the Love

The holidays are supposed to be about peace, love, and joy. This is so important to keep in mind when holiday stress takes over. During a time where we spend so much time focusing on what we need to buy, remember what you have – your loved ones. Remember the love you have for friends and family and remind them of it!

Here’s to a happy and (mostly) stress-free holiday!






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