Christmas is unnecessarily expensive! There I said it. Over the holiday season, we throw money around like confetti. As promised in Blogmas Day 4, here are some ways to save money when shopping for holiday gifts.

Secret Santa

We all know how I feel about Secret Santa from Blogmas Day 3. Secret Santa is an excellent way to reduce gift purchasing costs by narrowing down your shopping list to one person in a group rather than three, five, or more depending on how big your friend group or family is.

Rule of Three

One of the many reasons why people overspend over the holidays is because they are unsure what to get someone and buy too much. I suggest following the rule of three – one main item and two medium to small items to complement the main item. When doing this, you create a visually appealing balance and also are able to choose small, inexpensive items to make the gift complete.

Shop the Sales

I mean, this is just smart shopping all year round! If you can get the gifts on the sale, why not take advantage. The thing to keep in mind here is to shop the sales as smart as possible – just because it is on sale doesn’t actually mean it is a better deal (more to come on this in an upcoming blog post).

Give the Gift of Time

Instead of exchanging gifts, have a night in together. Bring a bottle of wine to share, or some cookie dough to bake and spend time together as your gift. I have been doing this for years with one of my best friends and it has come to be one of my favourite holiday traditions,

Shop smart this holiday season and remember that the greatest gifts in life are completely free!


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