I genuinely enjoy watching YouTube videos and have certain YouTubers and channels that I watch regularly. Vlogmas is one of my favourite times of the year to watch YouTube. It is quite enjoyable to watch vlog upon vlog of festive fun! This year I have three Vlogmas’ that I have been enjoying the most and wanted to share them with you.

Zoella (MoreZoella)

It is no secret that I absolutely adore Zoella. She is one of my absolute favourite YouTubers and has been for years now. I discovered Zoella’s channel and her videos on anxiety at the exact time in my life when my anxiety and panic attacks were at their highest and I was finally seeking help. Since then, Zoella’s videos on anything from anxiety to make-up to home decor have become part of my weekly routine. Zoella’s Vlogmas is a must watch for me in December because Zoella is one of the most festive YouTubers that I have ever seen. I love how much she gets into each and every holiday activity. Zoella might just love Christmas more than I do, and ask anyone who knows me, that is saying a lot!

Joey Kidney

Joey has certainly taken a different approach to Vlogmas than other YouTubers, but I am enjoying it because it is true to his channel and true to his video style. I always enjoy Joey’s videos because they are real and he doesn’t pretend to happy when he is not. We all have tough times and days that are better than others, and it is so important to not ignore this fact. If you ignore the bad days and sweep them under the rug, you are never going to face those problems and ultimately solve them. So, props to Joey for continuing to be himself throughout the Vlogmas season and work on himself each and every day, that is truly respectable!


Can you say #couplegoals? Alexandrea Garza and her husband Michael Maddalena are one of my favourite YouTube couples, therefore, it only makes sense that I am obsessed with their Vlogmas. Not to mention the fact that they are expecting a baby boy in March! I am loving all of the exciting baby updates in these vlogs. The adorable baby moments and updates just make the vlogs that much more exciting because I mean babies! Right?! Babies make everything that much more exciting!

Who are your favourite Vlogmas YouTubers?


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