Christmas is for the family. During the holidays we get excited to see our family, whether that be the family we see regularly or family we rarely get to see. But, what about the family members who are no longer with us? The holidays are the hardest time for remembering those we have lost. During the holidays the loss of our loved ones is that much stronger and more difficult. With each new memory we make, we remember that they are not here with us, and we wish that they were.

This Christmas will be the first since the passing of my grandmother. Nanny has been on my mind even more with the holiday season. Instead of focusing on Nanny not being here, I am going to focus on all of the ways that she is, and all of the ways she will always be here. Nanny was the matriarch of our family and passed on a number Christmas traditions that we will celebrate for years to come. In these traditions, Nanny will always be with us. With every bite of Nanny’s famous dressing, with the look on Mom’s face when she opens any present she receives (the exact same look Nanny always had), and with every smile and new memory we make, we will remember Nanny’s infectious laugh and childlike spirit.

I would like to extend my deepest condolences to all who have lost loved ones and hope that this holiday you will remember them fondly, focusing on the memories you shared and feel them in your heart.




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