Every family has their own holiday traditions. We spend year upon year with these traditions and they become a part of who we are, but what happens when your family changes? What happens when new members join the family, when you lose family members, or when you become the new member of someone else’s family? You adapt and create new holiday traditions!

For most of my life, Christmas was spent the exact same way. Timmy would drop off my gift, me and Mom would get in our jammies and watch a movie, we would wake up in the morning to unwrap presents, then we would then get ready and head to Nanny and Gampy’s house for Christmas dinner.

When Mom got married these traditions changed. Now, I know what they say “no one likes change”, but I think change is a wonderful thing. I look back on all of my holiday memories with Mom with so much joy, but I am happy that we now have the opportunity to make new memories with her husband’s family and are welcomed into their holiday traditions with welcome arms. It doesn’t hurt that their Christmas Eve tradition includes lobster. 

This year is different than all of the rest, as it is the first without Nanny. Christmas without Nanny causes traditions to change, but there are also many that will always continue. A new tradition that I hope will continue after this year, is Gampy spending Christmas Eve with us. It was so wonderful to have a night of holiday fun with Gampy for the first time ever.

What are your favourite holiday traditions? What traditions have you have to adapt over the years?




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