Hello there strangers!

You may have noticed that I have been MIA for pretty much all of 2018 so far. That is because I went back to school to tackle some math and science courses (not my area of expertise) in preparation for the education program in the fall  and it has been kicking me in the butt! 

We are now in the last week of classes and exam season is in full swing. I wanted to take a moment to say good luck to all of my fellow students who are sharing my pain right now. Those who are sitting in their sweats, hair in a messy bun with an extra large coffee on hand. It is almost over, and we can do it – I believe us!!!!

Let me know below if you are a student like myself and what challenges you’ve been facing this semester!

* Keep an eye out near the end of the month for new content. Once exams are out of the way I plan to blog weekly. 



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