Twenty-seven years young. Halifax, Nova Scotia. Future Elementary Educator. Stationary and organization obsessed. Lover of pineapple on pizza. Drink a little too much tea and coffee. Living life with my heart on my sleeve and style on my mind.


Growing up as an only child, I had to learn to entertain myself. This entertainment took on many forms including reading, writing, organizing my closet so that it was perfectly colour coordinated – and often having full on conversations with my dolls and teddy bears. Each report card for my entire life indicated that I was a chatterbox – “little miss talks a lot” if you will.

These childhood interests of writing,  talking and organization led me to study communications. While completing my degree – I discovered my love for blogging. My blog began as an outlet for positivity and delight – beginning as –and later transitioning into Style by Shae.

Style has always been important to me. Coming from a small town – and not being a millionaire – I always struggled with this love for fashion and beauty. I have never been into high-end fashion or brand names. For myself, I looked at what was trending, I saw and felt what worked for me – what styles I liked and disliked – and then went with it. Often times I would fall in love with a new trend, other times I would hate it. Sometimes a trend would come out that just took me a little longer to catch on to but eventually I grew to love it.

Over the years, I came to the conclusion that style isn’t just about what you wear and it’s certainly not about the price tag or brand of your clothing – style is how you approach life. Style is taking trends in fashion, beauty, and life and making them your own. Putting your own spin on life and approaching each day with as much positivity and delight as you possibly can.

Style by Shae is a place to celebrate style as a way of life – embracing fashion, beauty and the delights of our individual lives that make us all unique!

This blog is opinion based and I am in no way an expert or professional in any areas of topic. Theme photos are credit to Rachel from Haute Chocolate and additional photos are my own. If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything posted please contact me directly at Cheers!



2 thoughts on “GIRL BEHIND THE BLOG

  1. You go girl! Here’s a wuote for you, it’s not original and I don’t know the originator, but it was on a clock we used to have :
    “Time does not change us. It unfolds us.”


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